Solar Energy Hitting Our Rooftops

My latest thought on solar energy is that we should encourage new homes to be built with enough solar panels for them to generate more than they use.

When trying to decide on how to expand and incentivize solar energy in the US you could choose to focus more on implementing solar panels for households or for large solar installations.

I guess each has its advantages and disadvantages and I would definitely expect us to use a combination of the two.
I figure it would be easier to distribute the implementation if you required new homes at first to have solar panels and then went from there. This would also have the advantage of slowly growing the solar industry and once scale increases then it would probably be even cheaper to do the construction in the deserts. On the other hand if the government is mandating solar panels it might cause some solar panels and installations to get more expensive since so many people would have to buy them. So you would have to be careful how you set up incentives/mandates.

An advantage of adding the solar panels during construction of a home is that it would become a part of the mortgage and would be paid over a period of time. It would also make new homes more valuable.

It would probably be a good idea to give special tax breaks if you are buying and selling homes and add solar panels as a part of renovations.

By the way, it sounds like solar is working pretty well for Germany and obviously they have a lot less sunny days than almost all of the US.

Another thought is that if you have every household generating more electricity than it uses it would mean every household would essentially be a part of the energy business.

This would also be very convenient for growth in the electric car market.


Things to consider:

Are there any issues with available materials for building this many photovoltaic panels?

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