It looks like at least one reason this tomato plant was not doing well was nematodes.

This Roma plant was attacked by nematodes

This Roma plant was attacked by nematodes

Interestingly there was a large marigold plant right by it. Marigolds are known to deter nematodes but I am guessing the garden would need to be filled with marigolds before planting tomatoes for this to be effective.

I might try filling the garden with marigolds and see how that works out next year.

There is a Celebrity tomato in the same garden which is in much better condition. When the plant is done I will take a look at the roots to compare. Celebrity tomato plants are said to be resistant to nematodes, verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt 1 and 2, and the tobacco mosaic virus. You will see letters by the name of a plant, such as VFFNT for celebrity, which indicate what the plant is resistant to.

See here for an explanation of what the letters mean:

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