Mozilla Thunderbird Suggested Changes

I do not have the time to code right now, but if I had the time to tweak Mozilla Thunderbird, this is what I would do:

  • make more of a central cache for e-mails and e-mail content (perhaps instead of creating a bunch of msf files)
  • integrate certain plugins (LookOut, QuickFolders)
  • create a centrally managed version (maybe based on some sort of extended IMAP?) By this I mean what might be called a corporate version where everything is controlled on a central server.
  • Create a single-tasking mode (maybe based on reading list from QuickFolders extension)
  • Add a button to close and open folder pane
  • Do not show preview pane until an e-mail is clicked (ie hide it every time you click a folder)
  • Make sure connection can totally reset from within an e-mail draft without being trapped in a loop where you can no longer save draft and no longer send.

Firebird “case” construct

This is a handy feature that has been in the Firebird database system a while (but I just learned about).

I needed to replace certain results in my select query. I use a SQL query to generate an Excel file that I upload to a stock listing service for aircraft parts. The problem is, this stock listing service does not like certain part condition codes. So I need to replace all instances of RP with SV.

So I use a query like this:

   case condition_code
        when 'RP' then 'SV'
        else condition_code
    end condition_code
from stock inner join part_condition_codes on

What this does is if the “condition_code” is RP then it changes it to SV. If it is anything else it just uses whatever that value is. The “condition_code” after “end” is not necessary – I wanted the field to be named condition_code.

You can add multiple “when …” clauses.

And of course RTFM! Here is the page in the manual: